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I have to walk everywhere. ….and almost always on a leash, Wlking, Walking, walking.

I have to walk to go out.  I have to walk to go to the bathroom, (which is out). I have to walk for fun. I have to walk to check out the neighborhood. I have to walk in the winters snow. I have to walk in the blistering summer’s heat. I have to walk in the rain.

It is always, “stop pulling” or when I stop to smell something its, “Lets go!”. Lets go, stop pulling, c’mon, fatser, slow down, blah, blah, blah. …………I have only four legs ya’ know! I have no shoes, no umbrella, no sense of time and no place to rush to or not!

I want to drive! I want a really hot sports car and I wan tto fly! One day I am going to steal my dads car and fly down the road with my head out the window, my tail waggin’, and my paws up on the dash! I’m gonna’ drive me down to the pet food store and get me a bunch of those jerky treats, (you know..the ones that are bad for you but taste so good! …Just like the humans make their food decisions!), then I’m gonna’ drive me to the park and chase down balls with the car. After that I am going to try to get some deer, squirrels, or other small animals and make them road kill. Maybe I’ll drive over to the dog park and pick up some friends and we can run like a pack. Maybe even steal a few other cars and be like a dog pack or like Alfred Hitchcocks “The Birds” but with dogs! oh, oh, oh or like Fredrick Forsythe’s “The Dogs of War”  Yeah, no more walking

Life Lesson: Walking is good for you.