Daddy’s Home



How long does a heart wait before it tells itself ‘I done waiting, Ain’t waiting no more”? For me it was probably the fifth day. I gave up. My daddy abandoned me, so I’m going to abandon him. My mom’s services, however inadequate, would have to be accepted as the new reality. Spaghetti and I adapted.

So when Daddy finally came home, I didn’t know how to react. Should I be happy? Should I be angry? I had Abandoned Puppy Syndrome.

Spaghetti, however, because she is a little Daft, was fine.

Mommy is safer to love because she did not leave.

Almost OK

Almost OK

Eventually I gave him a kiss.

4 thoughts on “Daddy’s Home

  1. When Mommy went away for a week, I would go out at night, lay in the grass and howl, in the hopes that Mommy would hear me and find her way home. Eventually she heard me because she came back and I was so happy!

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