Dear Daddy Day 4

Really sad under the table

Really sad under the table

Absence makes the heart realize how very spoilt it is.

I really really thought you would come home today. I do not think you have ever been gone this long. I didn’t want to move from under the table. Mommy had to give me a lot of kisses and treats before I finally went with her. I miss your hugs and kisses, the way you play with Spaghetti and me and hold our bone. The garage door opened and I cried because it was not you.

Even Mommy realizes how very spoilt she is. She had thought that she was neat and/or telekinetic – because in the mornings her glasses, her keys and her wallet are all ready for her to take on the kitchen counter. Now she spends half her morning looking for her stuff.

Spaghetti wants your energy in playing with her and of course, your kisses.

Come home soon!

Waiting outside

Waiting outside

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