Dear Daddy Day 3

Waiting for daddy, Night#3

Waiting for daddy, Night#3

Head on Mommy's lap

Head on Mommy’s lap

After I got my treat last night, I just wanted to lie down at the upstairs landing and wait for you. Mommy came over and gave me rubs and kisses, then I decided I will go to the room and guard her. First I slept on the bathroom floor, then I moved in between Ate Louise and Kuya Jesse on the low bed. I miss you still.

Sinigang-Fruitloops-Dogfood Combo

Sinigang-Fruitloops-Dogfood Combo

Mommy thought we needed cheering up this morning so she put fruit loops in our food (she figured the sugar would act as an upper).

For dinner we had pizza for dessert.

We miss you so much but having cousins, and fruit loops, and pizza make it seem ok.

I'm smiling!

I’m smiling!

2 thoughts on “Dear Daddy Day 3

  1. I too Love Pizza and have stolen pieces right out of the box. I almost knocked a whole pie out of the arms of the delivery boy, can’t believe he held on so tight. That would have been a wondrous score! Take care my doggie friends, your Daddy is missing you too, I’m sure!

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