End of the Blog?


I am SO sorry. WordPress the blog hosting site “upgraded” their site so the photos worked differently. I guess they think it is an improvement but it really slowed down putting pictures into the blogs. Instead of the old way of uploading photos from my computers pictures folder into the blog it had me download all of my pictures that I was using in the blogs to a file on their site…but this put too much on the site, (or my part of it anyway) and made it not work. It kept freezing my page.and made it near impossible to write the blog. So I erased the file on their site, never imagining it would also erase already published blog photos…but it did. Now the only thing I could do is to go back to each blog and one by one add the pictures back. Too much work especially sonce it would mean adding the pictures that froze the site in the first place. This may be the end of the blog. I don’t think it is recoverable…and I don’t think I will ever get to do a hard copy of it for a book.

Life Lesson: Don’t use WordPress

12 thoughts on “End of the Blog?

  1. Hey Meatball, please find another site to use. Don’t want to miss out on all of your antics. Mom stopped using the WordPress blog because she said uploading videos was a PITA. Whatever that means. So, hope to see you soon and take care, Spaghetti too…………………Ryder.

    • Really sorry that you are having soooo much trouble with the site. Can they do anything to help? Lookforward to seeing Spaghetti growing up and her domination of Meatball.

    • Even if we started with another site all of the pictures on this one are lost. I was hoping to do a coffee tanble book of my entire life.and all of the life lessons…now it is gone

  2. just came out of hibernation from the internet and with a cup of coffee am set to leisurely reading your blog and this is what i find! Devastation is the word… I think I will hold on to that “may” word you left us with and hope all will be well. Meanwhile I will still be reading and liking and sharing those stories and lessons I missed! And don’t give up on that book!!!

  3. So, do you still have all the videos and photos or they got erased? the writings are there yet, you could upload the videos on Youtube and the pictures in flickr or another else and leave a link to them here. I think it could work.
    I want to create my blog too but I’m kind of lazy, sometimes I write two pages long and then delete it

    • Happy thanksgiving! I couldn’t find the pictures, videos anymore:-( i have others but they do not fit the story. I will try doing flickr and youtube. Thanks for the suggestions. I encourage you to do the blog. I will support it!

      • nice pictures. It is a good way to start again.

        By the way, each time I look for your blog I use google I wonder why some pictures still appear during the search like the one where Meatball is chewing the bear and where he is next to a foot

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