Happy Feet


These are Spaghetti’s little paws when she was just 6 weeks old. She was just chillin’ out in her make shift crate, (yeah, a cardboard box, like some homeless guy..is that ok to say?) with her peep..a borrowed squeaky dude. I was like, “giiiirl you got to get a better place than that, you need a luxury condo crate if you are going to show off your feet like that to all of the world.

Spags diving in

And this is Spaghetti eating with her foot in the food dish.  it is kinda’ Blechhh, who knows where those feert have been! But she is the kind of girl that just likes to, Dive Right In!

I am thinking the way dad like to take pictures of our feet that maybe he has some sort of foot fetish or something.  I mean he has SO many pictures of my paws as I got bigger. It is crazy!

Spaghetti'sPaw at 6 weeks

look there is another “foot pic”  These are “Little Feet” . My paws are like this…..

paw 001

Life Lesson: Your imagination may be able take you places but your feet do the work

3 thoughts on “Happy Feet

  1. Little feet, big feet. Mom yelps when I step on her foot with my ginormous paw. Do people yelp? Oh well, anyhow, I hear that my paws were huge when I was a pup. Dixie has small delicate paws, girly girl. Spring is coming Bud, hope to see you at the dog park or something soon!!! Stay cool………………

    • I am getting Soooo impatient! I NEED the dog park, NEED it I tell ya’ I got to get away from this little terror, she nips at my jowls.

      • She’s just looking for attention. She’s happy to have a big brother who will protect her.

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