This is Me and Spaghetti making our plan. It is a secret…we are planning to take over. We are going to jump daddy when he gets home and gain control of the Universe! We will be Masters of The Universe!

At first we were going to hire Vinny and Guido…..Dog Show Living Large

But they wanted to many dog treats as payment, so we slept on it and conferred again, talked it out.6 Weeks Side by Side and played real innocent like.

Then one day when HE came home we attacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daddys Pinned I held him down while Spaghetti was supposed to go for the jugular….but instead she just licked his face untill he gave up!, (she is such an innocent girl!)

I was hoping we would end up eating his bones! Pork Bone……… But alas, ’twas not to be.

So for now we will not be ruling the universe, sigh. But at least he feeds us, buys us toys, plays with us, walks us, and serves us rather well, and he is a benevolent ruler.

Life Lesson: If you want to rule the universe first look around…you may already be ruling it!


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