Little Puppies

New Meatball 091 DSC02085 HANDSOME! meatball pics 071 meatball pics 097 meatball pics 102 meatball pics 105 meatball pics 109

These were me when I was 8 weeks old or there abouts. See how cute and good looking I am.  Now I have an ugly little sister, ugh, she is a real pain but I still love her. this is the little monster below.

Comfortable Dish assault In the Food Pngit Spaghetti 1 Spaghetti 6 weeks tired Spaghetti'sPaw at 6 weeks Spags diving in Uh Thief!

So as everyone can plainly see I am much better looking. She is all wrinkly,  blockheaded, and stubby.

But toghether we’re  a team and when she gets big we are going to be able to play in the dog park, eat mom and dad out of house and home, drool all over the house and knock furniture over when we play inside, and of course poop a lot. We may even start our own fertilizer company!

Life Lesson: Family is family and is a team!

3 thoughts on “Little Puppies

    • I am SO sorry. WordPress the blog hosting site “upgraded” their site so th ephotos worked differently. I guess they think it is an improvement but it really slowed down putting pictures into the blogs. Instead of the old way of uploading photos from my computers pictures folder into the blog it had me download all of my pictures that I was using in the blogs to a file on their site…but this put too much on the site, (or my part of it anyway) and made it not work. It kept freezing my page. So I erased the file on their site, never imagining it would also erase already published blog photos…bu tit did. Now the only thing I could do is to go back to each blog and one by one add the pictures back. Too much work especially sonce it would mean adding the pictures that froze the site in the first place. This may be the end of the blog. I don’t think it is recoverable…and I don’t think I will ever get to do a hard copy of it for a book.

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