Spaghetti Western!


Ok, I just called the post that because I like the title. This is me, (Meatball) and my little pal Spaghetti ambushing our Dad when he came home.  We jumped him and are in the process of holding him down so he plays with us and doesn’t leave for so long again.

  I have noticed some thievery going on back at the ranch…mostly at my food dish, ‘er trough. I think I know who it may be,……

This video doesn’t exist

So Now I have to learn to share….


But I don’t want to! This little Spaghetti, (really just pastina at this point) is a real pain in the neck! She tries to take allof my stuff and is biting me all of the time. She bites my ears, my jowls, my nose, my legs, my everything! I try to fight her off nicely by pushing her around with my nose. Sometimes I can hold her leg in my mouth and drag her or even hold her head. I can scare her by going after her and stomping my feet and chasing. I am all Clint Eastwood like and all “Go ahead make my day!” or a “dog’s got to know his limitations” but after all of that she runs and hides, then comes right back at me. All of this is starting to make me hungry!…THEN she tries to eat MY food!

She’s little but has no fear to grab what she wants! It works ’cause she is cute.

Spags 2

Life Lesson: Be cute and gutsy, show Moxie and you can go far.

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