I am not allowed on the couch. I can, (an do) go everywhere else. But from day one I was taught NOT to go on the couch. …………as you can see I am becoming somewhat of a rebel.


Hey my mommy was on the couch. She goes on the couch all of the time. She practically lives on the couch. So I decided to be close to my mommy, real close, on top close. And you know what? It is comfy up there on the couch! especially on my mommy on the couch!


But all good things must come to an end. My mom and dad laughed a lot at my audacity of getting on the couch and the spontenaity of it all, that I did not hesitate and without qualms just jumped on top of my mom on the couch like it was a regular occurance and a natural thing that we just always do.

In the end after all of the laughter, I had to get off. It was fun while it lasted and maybe just maybe I broke the “couch barrier” where All Dogs and people can live together as one with equal rights and free access to all things comfy and cozy, without discrimination as a free society! Untill then I’ll just wait untill they are not home.

Life Lesson: Break down the barriers of convention by acting naturally and with a lightness of heart and laughter.

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