My Lucky Day!

This video doesn’t exist

Dad gave me a big bone from a pork roast that he cooked! …and yes, I got a lot of the pork roast in my dinner too! Wooo  Hooooo! Pork roast and the pork bone! Effin YUM! …and this was after I broke my leash yestarday. yeah, I broke the unbreakable bungee leash, darn thing just snapped when I pulled. Ok, Ok, I pulled hard, Really hard…sort of.

Then later when a friend stopped by with Pizza….I scored a slice of Pizza! ….Pizza Pizza!

I mean can life get any better? Pizza with spinach and mushroom! You see I eat some veggies…..if they are on PIZZA!

This video doesn’t exist

So there it is, Great food, a great toy/food item, a friendly visitor and being with family. what a great day!

Life Lesson: Treasure the small simple things, be happy and every day is your lucky day.

2 thoughts on “My Lucky Day!

  1. haha, OMG Meatball, that pizza just disappeared into your body. It usually takes me longer, but I have to say, I’ve never scored a whole slice………I have work to do my friend………….later!!! haha

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