Casting Couch

I am not allowed on the couch. I am not allowed on the couch. I am not allowed on the couch! The couch is only for Mommy and Daddy.

SO, when Mommies sister comes over to visit and she walks right in and sits on the couch, I am like WOAAAAAH, What the heck do you think you are doing? DAS IS VERBOTTEN! I mean the gall to just come in and sit on the sacred couch! The exhaulted throne of Mom and Dad! I for one could hardly comprehend. What is this world coming to? Who died and left you queen?   Are you trying out for the part of my Mommy? No one said anything to me. I never got the memo.

So I felt it was my duty to protect the couch or at the very least check out Moms sister and see if she was up to any malfeance, (I’m just a dog did I spell that right?).  So what did I do? I jumped on top of the person who jumped on top of my Mommy and Daddy’s couch. …and I held her down! yes, that’s right if you cross some boundries I am going to hold you untill the proper authorities come….or untill I get tired or figure out that it is Ok….or get snacks. Snacks almost always work.

So if you are going to try out as a Mommy or Daddy replacement, bring plenty of snacks!

Life Lesson: Like rules, some people are very rigid in their following those rules and some people just sort of see them as “flexible guidlines”, you have to know which ones need to be followed to the letter and which ones can bend a bit.

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