On The Look Out!

Here I am doing my sworn duty. Doing my ancestral instinctive programing, doing my Job! This is what they pay me for, (ok I collect it in Love and treats). I am always at the ready to protect house and home, to protect my turf, and my pack. I may be a big mush most of the time, but I am ready to throw my 175lbs. of doggy into the fray if anybody I love is threatened.  So I watch, I wait, I listen and I smell, (but after I get a bath I smell good). I stand guard and I am ever vigilant. My big choppers can break tree branches stronger than your arm, (really I saw it in a video!…on youtube).

I will hold down the fort and I will be your body guard

 (me 7 months ago…and I’m not getting any smaller).

Yet at the same time, I can be the softest, friendliest, most loyal and loving friend. I am calm and gentle, even with little children crawling and climing all over me, (more youtube video proof is out there). I can be playful and get along with others even other doggies that are 2% of my size.

So always respect me but if you are nice you needn’t fear me.

Life Lesson: Be nice to doggies and their familes. …heck,.. be nice to everyone

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