Dinner With Daddy

Usually Daddy doesn’t like it when I watch him eat, he kinda’ gives me a disapprovong look and tells me to go lie down. LIE DOWN!? Hey Dude I am HUNGRY and I want what you have! friggin’ Republican, doesn’t like to share the wealth! yeah, the Big man feasts and us poor lowly servants to the master must starve! Down with the System! …uh, oh yeah, he feeds me, walks me, takes care of my every need, but is that enough? I Say NO! I still want more! I want it all!….. and when he has none left, he better get more for me! Somebody has to!…and it better be somebody else, I am NOT doing stuff for myself! I refuse to be accountable and responsible! My job is to have somebody take care of me!

…ok, phew ranting can get me tired and hungry.

So after begging my daddy, he made me my dinner, and because he is worried about me, since I don’t like my dog food lately….He made me Chicken and rice with some veggies in it!  yeah, that’s right an entire leg and thigh with a few cups of rice and some veggies too. YUM!

Life Lesson: WoooooHooo, see what a little hunger strike can do.

2 thoughts on “Dinner With Daddy

  1. Hey Meatball, I never liked any of the dog food I was fed either. Has your Dad tried any of the Honest Kitchen foods yet? He can get them at the Beacon Barkery. Keen is my favorite. It has Turkey and veggies and also high quality grains. My Mom adds some meat to it, whatever is on hand or left over and I love it. They have samples at the store. Go get some, I’m pretty sure you will like it too. Peace out!!!

    • He tried something that you had to ad water to, but it was green and tatsed like some healthy vegan organic people want to feel good about themselves crap. He gets me this big tube of …coldcut like food and mixes it in. It is ok but I tire of it after a while. Maybe I need a dead cat?

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