Disclaimer: these are pictures from the Fishkill dog park.

I was going  for my regular morning walk with my dad this morning and low and behold there were guys with trucks up on the field. I had to go check them out and see who was on my turf. They ended up being the fence guys and were waiting for the surveyor guys!

It is coming. Hopefully this year!

Later this afternoon we went walking again and there are all sorts of markings and markers where the fence is going. If the storm doesn’t spoil things they may start this week. Holy Crap! I can’t wait. I have so much fun at the other dog park I amy never want to go home. Every time my dad takes me out for a walk I know where I will want to go.

This video doesn’t exist

I hope to meet a lot of friends, get to run around a lot and play. I’m gonna’ be “a regular”.

Life Lesson: Have fun, play with friends, and have your own special place.

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