The Beacon Barkery !

It was like Christmas today! My dad took me to the Beacon Barkery and we went wild!

He got me TWO frozen marrow bones…..and

a really, really nice sales lady with her assistant, (had good dog smell on them) gave me an entire bag of chicken treats, which are incredible. They are made in the US and are just dried chicken breast, (too bad for the chicken), scrumptious. At first when they came in I barked at them. I thought they were going to try and take all the food and I want this to be mine, mine all mine…Yeah, I was staking a claim for this to be my turf. Then she tried to give me some catfish treat, blah…give that to a cat…I’m not bought off so easily that is when she broke out those chicken treats and we became friends, (ok, I am kinda’ easy). My dad also bought me a bag of my favorite little snacky when I go for a walk treats……AND….

He also got me some thin chew sticks ..AND what he calls Dog Food Cold Cuts. It is “Natural Balance” dog food in a big Salami like tube that he mixes in with my dry bland boring kibble to make it, uh, more better…..AND!!!!!!!!

Yes, That’s Right….a SUPER COOKIE! It is some sort of homemade peanut butter and Heaven cookie! I know it is a home made treat, but  I think it is also made with magic or something.

I am so spoiled and that is so good!

Life Lesson: Donate to the Beacon Dog Park, (it is online you can find it)

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