Something in The Night

Though I am a big and tough Mastiff and NOT afraid of anything I might add. I do know that I need to keep my daddy safe. So, when he took me for a walk this evening and I smelled the night air I could tell something just didn’t smell right.

  We walked out of the house and I caught a smell so I lifted my head in the air smelled in all directions and started barking a warning to whatever was out there, and I barked and barked. there was something out there, I just know it, call it doggies intuition I wanted to go back in right away but my dad laughed, (the fool!) and made me go pee. then I took a beeline straight for the front door and back into the house. I was able to bark at whatever it was better from the inside where it is safe!

My dad just wondered what all the fuss was about but trusted my superior sniffer and respected my decision to remain inside so I could keep him safe. I then took a defensive position halfway up the stairs so I could run all the way up if I saw anything come into  the house. Upstairs there are more places to hide ….and protect my dad. I know Halloween is over and there is no such thing as scary monsters but in real life there could be …stuff out there. It is safer for my dad to play inside with me.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Someone once said, “It is better to be safe than sorry”.

4 thoughts on “Something in The Night

  1. what would your daddy do without you? You are a good, brave dog with with a reliable instinct, a well thought of strategy, sterling courage to protect the daddy you love! He should be proud! And I am proud! You sound more like your mom than your dad!

  2. It is very good that your Dad trusted your instincts. Sometimes when I go for walks in the woods in front of my house with my Mom, I will start to growl at something in there and she will immediately turn around and we will leave. I just really do it so that she will call me a good boy and give me a treat once back in the house. SHHHHHHHHHHH, don’t tell!!!

  3. The only things we are afraid of when walking at night are A). skunks and Meatball pulling me towards them to “play”. and B). Something scary and Meatball pulling my arm off as he tries to run away.

  4. You don’t fool me. I know that mastiffs act all big and scary but they are kind of chickens. Always running to mom or dad. They say it is to protect their humans but I know that it is the other way around. But momma agrees, when a doggie doesn’t want to go on night walkies, best to take heed.


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