Cat Nap

I am not sure who invented “the Cat Nap”….obviously a Cat….but maybe not? I think me and my Doggie buddies are as good as anyone at napping. I don’t know if cats will just nap anywhere like me. I  mean I do have my favorite spots of course, but sometimes I can be very adventurous and sleep in a different spot. I guess you can say I am willing to sleep around. …Maybe this is why we are called “dogs”?   Naaah, I think we are called dogs because our best traits mirror those of “the Big Guy” upstairs.

This video doesn’t exist

So here I am trying to catch a few ZZZZZ’s at the top of the stairs and my mom and dad think they are being slick by filming me. They want to catch and record me snoring, but all they did was disturb my sleep. Being a professional sleeper hower I did not fully wake up. This is where I think a cat might have.

This video doesn’t exist

It gets me wondering do Cats have a better PR firm than dogs? Why do they get the credit? Not that I mind that they do, but a cat nap =’s good and being called a dawg sometimes =’s bad. Not fair!  Also people eat hot dogs which is ok, but they also eat ***** which is supposed to be …well lets just say a whole ‘nother level.

Life Lesson: Sleep well my friends.

4 thoughts on “Cat Nap

  1. Haha, when Dixie is in a deep sleep, she makes this funny sound like water dripping into a pot of water. Bloop, Bloop, Bloop!! It’s so funny and she twitches a little. I snore a little too, but mostly, I bark in my sleep. Not a loud bark, just a muffled growly bark. Don’t fall down those stairs meatball, you would land really hard. Take care PaL!

    • True! I can fall asleep faster than my dad…and that is fast! Sometimes I can get on the bed and be asleep bvefore he can get from the bathroom to the bed…then he gets mad because he can’t get me off and ends up sleeping on just a corner of the bed with hardly any blankets. Hahahaha…he doesn’t really get mad, he pretends to but he is more amused than anything else and he is so good at sleeping he can fall asleep on the corner , he just has to find another blanket.

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