Don’t Forget Hire A Vet!

So my dad took me to the Vet today. He takes better care of me than he does himself! Every little thing he worries about. He took me because he loves me, (Ok now everyone says, Awwwwwwwww and he feels like he is so good and nice,…NO!) He actually took me becasuse my foot hurt and I kept licking it and it was driving him crazy.    Ok, here is the story.

I was running around like a nut and slipped and basically “wiped out” later my foot hurt and so I did what you are supposed to do and lick it, …A LOT. So he worries and makes and appointment and hauls me off to the vet. ….and $260.00 later he has three different medicines and instructions on how to take care of me. I have the experience of the vet touching my hurt paw and also my dad buys me these absolutley freakin’ delicious treats that he can hide the medicine in and give it to me, so he doesn’t have to forcibly stuff it down my throat. which makes us both happy. These treats are so good, they are like dog crack…no not that one.  Of course they are expensive, especially if you get them at the vets. The other thing that adds to the expense is when I get medicine I need the dosage for like three dogs, that kinda’ hikes up the price a bit.

I  must say however I was good! As much as the vet poked and prodded my hurt foot I didn’t wimper or try to bite her to pieces and when my dad had to wipe down in between my toes at night with watrer and epsom salts I only nibbled at him. Oh, he knew I wasn’t happy, but he still has all of his limbs.

So I guess we both did our part to support the American Vets.

Life Lesson: Don’t forget, Hire a Vet!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Hire A Vet!

  1. Oh, poor Meatball. Yuck! I hate medicine and will go run and hide underneath the end table in the living room. Doesn’t do any good because Mom will drag me out anyway. I don’t know about pills, I don’t think I ever had any. EEEEK!!!, I guess they have been hiding it in a treat or food. Blasted humans, and I thought I was just lucky. My Mom has been giving me something lately that tastes yummy, but I did notice that Dixie doesn’t get any. Could that be medicine too? Well, I hope you are feeling better dude!!! I will be at the Halloween contest. I am going as a police officer. I think Dixie is a cowgirl or something like that I heard. Anyhow, hope to see you there!!

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