It looks to me like daddy’s getting ready to leave. I hate when he goes! I want my pack to stay together. A pack thats stays together plays together. When daddy’s gone he can’t play with me, protect me, or serve me the way I am growing accustomed to and the way I have trained him. Plus, hasn’t he ever watched the movies? Doesn’t he know when the group seperates that’s when they get picked off one by one? It is alweays the scary monster, the mad psycho, the alien, the bad guy, or the guy that everyone was just killed but isn’t quite dead yet guy. United we stand! ..and I get served better too!

Yup, It sure looks like he is going and it looks liek he is going without me. sigh……………..sigh!

Oh well, I know when he gets back we will play and we will play BIG TIME! I always make him pay for leaving me and I always let him know how much I miss him.  It makes me wonder, In the days of say, Marco Polo when they left for years and were never sure if they would ever return, How did they part? …and what was the party like when they returned? And everyone was so much older when they did return. It is like, “Ok, guys I am going to explore the world see ya’ when I get back in a decade or so”.  ??? Really    Hope you’re all still alive if I get back alive…..but don’t worry I’m gonna go get spices, I’ll bring  ya’ back some pepper….what? You want salt too? sigh Ok, GINGER ALSO!?  C’mon that may take an extra year or two….sigh yes, dearI know you need it for that dinner you are planning.  ok.

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Life Lesson: Parting is such sweet sorrow, (NOT!) and getting back together is SO much FUN!  RAAAAAA

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