Good Fellas

Here is me hanging out with poppy. We are “next” to his 1987 Maserati Biturbo convertible. It was made in Italy. He doesn’t let me drive…he doesn’t even let me in it….this is as close as I will ever get to it. Not that he is mean or anything. (I think we both have dreams of me sitting in the passenger seat with a white scarf around my neck, a leather cap, and a pair of goggles on as we drive down the road). However, Not going to Happen! It is not that my poppy isn’t nice in fact my poppy is a very good fellow. Not like in the movie, he’s not Joe Peschi or anything.

If I was to sit in the car I think I would take up more than the passenger seat and might get in the way of shifting. Also I might want to jump in poppys lap, which probably is not a good idea. I am sort of a “lap dog” but not while driving. Plus goggles, a cap, and a scarf aren’t my style….I like going naked.

Life Lesson: Hang out with good people

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