Please Save Me, …Please

I am sorry to not have written in almost a week. I was tied to a tree and left alone all week. No one to take pictures of me, no one to feed me, no one to play with, no one to walk me, no one in my pack. Just all alone bymyself and hurt. Maybe I was bad? Maybe I did something wrong?

It is awful scary and cold being all alone at night tied to a tree in some park far away from home. Well at least my mom and dad stopped beating me.


Now if you all just send me $100.00 each then they say it will get all better and I can come home and they will love me again.

Life Lesson: DON’T believe everything you read. (sorry for the emotional sob story)

2 thoughts on “Please Save Me, …Please

  1. i THINK THE ROLLS WERE REVERSED, AND YOU DIDN’T WANT ANYONE ANGRY AT YOU. Dont’t forget, you’re not that little puppy anymore.. You’re getting to be a BIG boy now.

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