Baseball, the national pastime. I hear it is the post season already. How are the Yankees doing? How ’bout them Mets?

 I like baseball, I like baseballs, I like them a lot. I like fielding grounders with my dad. I like running with the ball and not giving it back. I also like chewing the covers off of them. I really like my baseballs to be “made in America”, they seem to be sewed together better, more durable and more of a challenge chewing the covers off of them.

I must say though, baseballs are getting way to small for me, they get lost in my mouth. I think I need to graduate to softballs or volley balls.

And when you get that delicious leather cover off all you really have is a ball of string. Maybe that part is for the cats?

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Play catch with a friend. It will keep you young and relieve stress. If you still have stress after a game of catch, chew the cover off the ball, that will help too.

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