Unloved and Forgotten

This is me resting…alone. …By myself. ..On a cold wooden floor. …unloved….forgotten.

Where are my humans? ……One is relaxing and the other is taking this picture of me…..mocking me….saying I am Sooooo big now. Bigger than the dishwasher. How would you lie to be told, “you’re bigger than a dishwasher”?   More importantly, why are they not rubbing my belly? Why are they not rubbing my ears? Why are they not totally and 100% focused on my happiness?  SIgh, big sigh! I want someone who will be more devoted to my whims and desires. Oh the indignities of not having a pillow for my head!

 AND THEN, Tonight my dad forgot to feed ME! he remembered at almost 10:00! Someone should call the animal rights activists!  I mean really 10:00, seriously? Are you kidding me? 10:00. ……and do you know what his excuse was? He said HE was tired! I mean cumon’ what the heck does HE do all day?  What a Diva!   …and he thinks he makes up for it with an apology, some sausage in my dog food, and three large milkbones? …

I am thinking  he needs more training.

….maybe I’ll eat his shoes and make him go barefoot, see how he likes that!
Life Lesson: Sometimes you need to let those who help you take a break.

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