Everybodys Working For The Weekend.

That is dad eating at work …when he should be working…..and I am not getting ANY! How unfair.

….AH, but the weekend is coming. Then I will be able to spend more time with him, running, playing, walking, ….and EATING! He is more likely to share when he is home. I am not sure why, maybe he is just  in a more generous mood? I don’t mind going to work with him as ong as I get my walks, attention and FOOD!

Life Lesson: Call it “the Law of Unintended Consequences” or whatever but often work has fringe benefits.

1 thought on “Everybodys Working For The Weekend.

  1. So cool that you get to go to work with your Dad and Mom sometimes. They really love you and don’t like leaving you at home. I’m sure you will get lots of treats when you get home. Be cool dude!

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