Presidential Debate #1

OK, I don’t know anything about them…I’m a dog. Apparently a guy named Barack Obama and another guy named Mitt Romney had a civilized argument. Why can’t they just fight it out, (play fight of course I don’t want to endorse violence). Better yet, why not a game of TUG. I think that would be fair To win at tug you need strong jaws, a good bite, be tenacious, and have determination….it also helps if you are a bit sneaky at times also. I once broke my daddys nose playing tug…I won!

I don’t think they covered Dog rights so there is no interest for me. There was no promising of more treats, longer walks, less leash laws, or universal government mandated vet visits. ……BORING!      Also they didn’t address the “Cat Issue”.

My dad and I debate every now and then……

Now THAT is how you debate effectively!

…….Just as an aside, I had a debate with a teddy bear once…. it didn’t end well for the bear….

…Just sayin’

Life Lesson: All arguments should have moderators so they don’t get out of hand.

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