Frankenstorm Sandy


It was scary for a while but Sandy came and went, and we survived.

I knew it was going to be a bad day. I felt it in the air. It upset me that my mom and my dad left that morning anyway. It frustrated me that they cannot feel the impending danger that I felt. I was so happy when my mom finally got home that when she stooped down to kiss me I knocked her over and sat on top of her and whined. She is usually off limits to rough play, but I couldn’t help it. She needs to know that there is danger and it is better to be inside.  She was so surprised she just laughed and kissed me.

I felt so relieved when my dad finally came home. I knocked him over and sat on him too. The good thing about Sandy was my mom and my dad got the afternoon off I get to spend time with them. We just watched movies all afternoon. The wind and rain were so strong going out to pee was not fun, but I had to do it.

That night my mom and my dad got bored so we took a ride in the car just to see how Main Street Beacon was. It was deserted! And Beacon Falls was so full it was impressive.


We thought we were going to lose power, but we didn’t. Long Dock Park is underwater, but nobody was harmed. My mom and my dad went back to work today.

We are blessed.

Life Lesson: Count your blessings.

All Decked Out

I love lying on the porch on a sunny day. SIGH, But it appears there ar no more sunny days left in forever.

I wanted to get all decked out for Halloween and dress up like a lion, but that has been cancelled too…due to nature, (the most destructive force on the planet).

Now I have to sit home inside waiting for yet another one of natures attacks on the planets inhabitants, “Frankenstorm”.  Which is expected to sometime early this week and last 21 days, (in dog years) and maybe even more! I am thinking this is going to down a lot of trees and ruin the habitat for many rabbitts, deer, and my cousins the Cyote’s. Never mind all of the fish named Wanda or anything else. I think it is starting off as hurrican Sandy , or Sarah, or Susan, or something like that. It is not named Hurricane Marie..or hurricane Meatball or Hurricane Chris, so don’t blame us!   Why do they name them after common people names anyway? Why not Hurricane Tasmanian Devil? Or Hurricane Dracula?

So apparently this “super storm” is going to wreck a lo tof stuff, make life miserable and be a pain in the ass. Woohooo nature! …(that was sarcasm….and from a dog). So I am going to be inside most of the time, I won’t be able to spend anytime on the deck and when I do go out to pee I will be pelted in my face with the rain and the winds, I hate that!  And to make matters worse I don’t even get to stay out long. I get too wet, atree migth fall on me, stuff above me is moving all around and that freaks me out!

Maybe we will get a massive amount of snow and by the time it is over we will wake up and it will be Spring?

Life Lesson: It is always nice and Sunny…but usually somewhere else.

Who’ll Stop The Rain?

Apparently No one can or will stop the rain. It has been raining virtualy everday since July other than a few handful of days. It will rain for three days then be nice for one, then rain for a week, then be nice for two, then rain another week , be nice for three, then rain for four days and be nice for  one, then rain another week. The world is getting moldy, mildewy and growing mushrooms and fungus on top of the mushrooms and fungus. It is growing between my toes, because they are always wet. The whole world has turned cloudy and gray. Even when it isn’t raining everything is still wet, always wet. the ground hasn’t been dry in 4 months and probably never will be again. I’ll bet it has rained or has been cloudy 80% of the last 50 days.

Obviously nature is our enemy. We should fight nature at every turn. Remember the Tsunami in 2004? It killed what 300, 000 people and no one even counted the dogs or other animals! Why would we try to protect such a beast? How many of my fellow animals have been destroyed by nature? How many in forest fires? How many in floods? How many in heatwaves and droughts? How many? How many have been forced from their homes? Their territories? Nature is not our friend, nature is a beast we must figth, tame and conquer! Nature is the dragon we must slay!

Just the other day they were promising a good stretch of weather after todays rain…..but now it has changed,the new weather report says it is supposed to be ok for tomorrow and then be cloudy, misty, and  rainy the next nine days.

Life Lesson: The best use of clean fresh rain water is fracking.  (hydro fracking the shale deposits to get the natural gas out of the Earth….basicaly giving the Earth an enima to make it fart)

Don’t Forget Hire A Vet!

So my dad took me to the Vet today. He takes better care of me than he does himself! Every little thing he worries about. He took me because he loves me, (Ok now everyone says, Awwwwwwwww and he feels like he is so good and nice,…NO!) He actually took me becasuse my foot hurt and I kept licking it and it was driving him crazy.    Ok, here is the story.

I was running around like a nut and slipped and basically “wiped out” later my foot hurt and so I did what you are supposed to do and lick it, …A LOT. So he worries and makes and appointment and hauls me off to the vet. ….and $260.00 later he has three different medicines and instructions on how to take care of me. I have the experience of the vet touching my hurt paw and also my dad buys me these absolutley freakin’ delicious treats that he can hide the medicine in and give it to me, so he doesn’t have to forcibly stuff it down my throat. which makes us both happy. These treats are so good, they are like dog crack…no not that one.  Of course they are expensive, especially if you get them at the vets. The other thing that adds to the expense is when I get medicine I need the dosage for like three dogs, that kinda’ hikes up the price a bit.

I  must say however I was good! As much as the vet poked and prodded my hurt foot I didn’t wimper or try to bite her to pieces and when my dad had to wipe down in between my toes at night with watrer and epsom salts I only nibbled at him. Oh, he knew I wasn’t happy, but he still has all of his limbs.

So I guess we both did our part to support the American Vets.

Life Lesson: Don’t forget, Hire a Vet!

Good News, Bad News, Bad News

 First The good news. My daddy won “favorite Italian Car” in the Hemmings car show up in Saratoga earlier this summer and there is a picture and a mention in the latest issue of “Hemming Sports & Exotics” magazine, wooohooo.

…but it is short lived….

1stBadNews:                                                                                                                       While driving up near Canaan Ct. today he bottomed out (the car bottomed out, his bottom is ok) at a dip in the road and he smashed the bottom of the car. He thinks he cracked the oil pan, cause after pulling over it started leaking out …a lot. So for tonight his prized love is sitting all alone out in the cold in a foriegn land 100 miles from home.

2nd Bad News:                                                                                                                          I was running yesterday whith joy and exuberance like a crazy dog because I was SO happy when my mom came home and I slipped and fell. I hurt my toe! Really, mom and dad are very concerned because I keep licking at it. If they try to touch it I pull away and then lick at it some more. I don’t think I broke anything because I still walk fine, but it hurts. (btw, joy and exuberance are all ok)

So it has been a so so weekend and I haven’t even checked who won Football, (hopefully Cowboys and the Lions) or Formula 1, (Hopefully Alonso and Ferarri)!

Life Lesson: You have to take the good with the bad…and the bad with the good.


It looks to me like daddy’s getting ready to leave. I hate when he goes! I want my pack to stay together. A pack thats stays together plays together. When daddy’s gone he can’t play with me, protect me, or serve me the way I am growing accustomed to and the way I have trained him. Plus, hasn’t he ever watched the movies? Doesn’t he know when the group seperates that’s when they get picked off one by one? It is alweays the scary monster, the mad psycho, the alien, the bad guy, or the guy that everyone was just killed but isn’t quite dead yet guy. United we stand! ..and I get served better too!

Yup, It sure looks like he is going and it looks liek he is going without me. sigh……………..sigh!

Oh well, I know when he gets back we will play and we will play BIG TIME! I always make him pay for leaving me and I always let him know how much I miss him.  It makes me wonder, In the days of say, Marco Polo when they left for years and were never sure if they would ever return, How did they part? …and what was the party like when they returned? And everyone was so much older when they did return. It is like, “Ok, guys I am going to explore the world see ya’ when I get back in a decade or so”.  ??? Really    Hope you’re all still alive if I get back alive…..but don’t worry I’m gonna go get spices, I’ll bring  ya’ back some pepper….what? You want salt too? sigh Ok, GINGER ALSO!?  C’mon that may take an extra year or two….sigh yes, dearI know you need it for that dinner you are planning.  ok.

This video doesn’t exist



Life Lesson: Parting is such sweet sorrow, (NOT!) and getting back together is SO much FUN!  RAAAAAA

Good Fellas

Here is me hanging out with poppy. We are “next” to his 1987 Maserati Biturbo convertible. It was made in Italy. He doesn’t let me drive…he doesn’t even let me in it….this is as close as I will ever get to it. Not that he is mean or anything. (I think we both have dreams of me sitting in the passenger seat with a white scarf around my neck, a leather cap, and a pair of goggles on as we drive down the road). However, Not going to Happen! It is not that my poppy isn’t nice in fact my poppy is a very good fellow. Not like in the movie, he’s not Joe Peschi or anything.

If I was to sit in the car I think I would take up more than the passenger seat and might get in the way of shifting. Also I might want to jump in poppys lap, which probably is not a good idea. I am sort of a “lap dog” but not while driving. Plus goggles, a cap, and a scarf aren’t my style….I like going naked.

Life Lesson: Hang out with good people