Dad: I took Meatball off his leash and he was running around IN CIRCLES, like a nut

Mom: Sprinklers? Why did you run the sprinklers, it RAINED ALL DAY YESTERDAY

Dad: Ryder? (my play pal) What does Ryder have to do with it?

Mom: Ryder was here??!

I can’t wait for Real Old Age.

Life Lesson: Secret To A Happy Marriage: Have amiable, unrelated, totally separate conversations With Yourself, while you are with Each Other.

6 thoughts on “Huh?

    • i was giggling all morning too. we were both not making any sense so I had us repeat the conversation with exaggerated emphasis on all the words:-)

  1. What in the World? Listen to this Meatball, my Dad was painting yesterday in the living room with me and Dixie trotting around. Well, Dixie got paint on her side and I got paint on the tip of my tail. I was standing with my back to the Fios box, and I painted it all up with my tail. Hahahahahahaha, my Mom was like, “What the hell are you doing to these dogs.” It was so funny, I farted and everyone ran out of the room…………………………Geeez!!

  2. “Anya-ha-sae-yo” Meatball. A little Korean lingo there. Got back from Korea last week, so we have to get together sometime, so I can tell you all about my “re-visit. You’ll be happy to know that they don’t serve :dog” anymore, lots of fish and “kimchy”, which was good.
    Hope to see you soon, after we return from Ma.

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