I Want To Hold Your Hand

A group called “the Beatles” had a song like that…I want to hold your hand…guess they didn’t mean paws….. kinda’ catchy though. …but then they all wanted to go and live in a yellow submarine and thought they were a walrus and other stupid stuff like that, what do you expect being named after ugly bugs.

Well, tomorrow, (Wednesday the 27th) I will be 17 months old, is there a sweet 17? Even though I am going to start getting to be big soon I still like to hold my daddy’s hand.

Recently he made me a nice new toy as a present. he bought a big thick rope and tied it into knots on each end and in the middle and now I have a pull toy. It has become one of my favorite toys. What I really think I want however is a live new puppy toy. It would be so much fun to have a puppy around to play with, especially when mom and dad aren’t home. I don’t think a puppy would hold my hand though. He/she might end up being a handfull!

My other favorite toy is now gone….my moms slippers….I ate them…lambs wool….and they were good. Now my mom has to go around bare foot.  …did you ever have bear claws…mmmm, I like bearclaws, they are so good….ooops, my mind went to food again….

If my mom ever gets new slippers, then I think I might be able to wear them too. Of course they may be too small for me…..never should have eaten the good ones. ooops.

Life Lesson: Hold someones hand, it will do you both good.

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