Its a Dog Eat Dog World!

Yes, it is a “dog eat dog world”. Not that I should have to but I can prove it. The other day my dad was going to take me to the office, but he had to do some errands first. So we went to UPS first to drop off a package, then we had to go to the bank to get some cash, then we had to go to USPS, (the post office) to mail some mail. Just outside of the Beacon post office is Frank the Hot Dog Guy, so my dad got a hotdog with chili for him and a plain dog with nuthin’ on it for me. We ate our own dogs in complete bliss.Of course I finished mine first and then wanted some of his, but he wasn’t in a sharing mood……….damn Republican!

Anyway I had a good time at the office and said “Hi” to Madge, Mom, Lynn, Ros.  and a few patients. we also went to the bank to do some office deposits and then home. Phew, that was a tiring trip….but I got to eat a dog, Yum!

I wonder why there are no “hotcats”? No food named after cats? I mean there are Buffalo burgers,hot DOGs, Buffalo wings, (poor buffalo they can’t catch a break), Shark fin soup, etc. No cats, No catburgers, nothing. Well, I am hoping there is no real dog in a hot dog….not that I wouldn’t eat it or anything, just saying I’d rather not be a cannibal…………..too much. Then again, that may be better than whatever really is in a hotdog. I’d better not ask.

Life Lesson: Spend some time with your dad and have a dog but don’t ask too many questions, sometimes it is better to just enjoy the moment in ignorance.

1 thought on “Its a Dog Eat Dog World!

  1. Hey Buddy, I hear there’s something called “Cat Fish”, don’t understand why cat and fish are part of one meal but it sure sounds interesting. Dixie went to see Frank the hot dog guy and being the nice little mutt that she is, she brought one back for me. Hot diggidy dog, yum yum!!!!

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