Love Story…and other dumb movies

 Here I am snacking on a bone instead of watching dumb movies with my mom and dad.

My mom wanted to watch “Love Story”, (Ryan O’neil and Ali McGraw, I think) and made my dad watch also. what a bunch of overblown hyped up cinematic crap that movie was! It’s like the time they watched “Breakfast at Tiffanys” Blah! They never even got to eat, no pancakes, no eggs, no omlets, no french toast, not even oatmeal! The best part of that movie was seeing the cat drenched and stuck out in the rain, even I felt bad …for the cat …and for watching that movie. Ok, I just remebered, there was another good part, when Buddy Epson asked the dumb girl, whatshername, “what about the chirren, who gonna’ take care of the chirren” …cool accent.

 Thats my dad holding my bone while I chew, ………because I am spoiled and don’t want to hold it myself, and because he would rather do that than sit through the movie, thats why!

Then there is that big movie of the year…”Black Swan” with that Padme chick from Star wars only anorexic this time, Natalie Portman…It is so bad they can’t even watch more than 15 or 20 minutes of it at a time.  It just drags on and on about some tortuous story of an nut job ballerina. We haven’t seen the whole movie yet, maybe we’re half way through, but unless there is a car chase, explosions , and an orgy soon, that movie is a waste, because it certainly isn’t getting by on its story. It is mind numbing. Infact this video shows you what I think about that movie….I’d rather go lick my naughty bits!

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Sometimes an award winning movie just isn’t entertaining and isn’t that what movies are supposed to be? Go watch a “bad” movie and enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Love Story…and other dumb movies

  1. Ah yes, agreed!!!! Love Story and especially The Black Swan are ridiculously boring movies. Psychotic moo moo stuff!!! Did you finish that bone, looked like a really big one. I love those bones and any other bones for that matter. Dixie seems to like my leftover pieces. I guess it’s easier for her to chew. O.k. with me because I take hers and chew it down for her.

  2. No, he is just eating the bone a litle each night. He seems to only like it when his daddy is holding up for him! Lazy dog is too lazy to lie down and hold it himself, he likes to chew standing up.

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