A Walk in the Sun

 Hi, This is what a portrait of me would look like when I want to go out. Yes, “go out” . It means I have to pee, or poop, or am faking it because I wan tto be outside.

It was a fantastik day today and I wanted to be out as much as poossible. Hey, they have ASAP for “as soon as possible”, I am going to invent AMAP for “as much as possible”.  Ok, where was I? Dog brain gets easilly distracted…..

Oh yeah, I wanted to go to the park or anywhere. I just wanted to go out for a walk in this beautiful sunny day!

 Here is my happy outdoor face, pretty impressive huh?

So it doesn’t matter if you live in Greenland or Iceland. If you live in Africa or Antartica. If you live in Ecuador,  Bolivia, Venuzuela, Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, or if you are in any other countries where no one has read my blog. Take a walk in the Sun, (read my blog first!)

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lsson: Go out and Play

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