Thats me and my dad passed out and yawning from all of the political phone calls lately.  But we’re happy it is almost Friday! yay!

“Thank God it is Friday” probably said all around the world….well for those who work Monday through Friday…..hmmm, well actually I don’t and neither do my parents….yet they still say it, curious no?

I wonder if the Moslems say “Thank Allah its Friday”….ooops, there goes another angry mob and an embassy….sorry. …Do angry mobs work Monday through Friday?

I wonder if Buddhists say, “Thank Buddha it’s Friday”?

I wonder how many the Hindu’s have to thank?  Did the Romans and the Greeks have to thank all of their deities? Who do the athiests thank? themselves?…anyone?

I guess there are a lot of complex questions out there and I am but a simple dog. Hopefully I didn’t insult anyones’ sensitivities so please don’t go burning down any buildings. Take a nap, get something to eat, run and fetch a ball, tear apart a stuffed animal, or get your belly rubbed if you feel really upset, it will all work out better. Really…..Chillax and go have some fun. it’s better than burning stuff, especially in the hot climate, sheesh!

This video doesn’t exist



Life Lesson: ENJOY your time off all of that anger will do no good. If you want to start a fire do it to roast marshmallows and hang out with friends having a good time.

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