Fried Chicken and My Dad is Crazy

Ok, sorry but no pictures.

I like fried chicken! I think it is my favorite food. totally YUM!  Especially Kennedy Fried Chicken! ..ok, I just had to get that out of my system ’cause my dad added some fried chicken to my dog food tonight and boy was it good. Too bad there was even any dog food in the mix

So apparently I am a creature of habbit. Usually by a certain time my dad and I go upstairs to go to sleep. Often first we go and answer emails, check facebook, blog, look at car porn, (any sort of car sights, blogs, auctions, chat rooms etc.)…then we go to sleep.

Tonight my dad was working in the basement untill after 12:00! I was like, “what is going on”? I was bored and wanted to play but he kept muttering he had to get a project done for someone and was running out of time. Cars, Woodworking….why can’t he do normal stuff like fetch balls and chew on sticks?

Life Lesson: To each his own

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