Football Sunday!

Thats me tackling Daddy.

Ok, it is an old photo. My photographer has been not producing lately so I am running out of photos.

The day started off incredibly. I went to the Fishkill dog park and ran with some big dogs! Two other Mastiffs, (Boss & Dexter), they were great, although one growled at me a lot and was kinda’ scary. He was a bit older than me a little taller but not quite as bulky. I think he was just jealous. There were a lot of other doggies there and I had so much fun running around I forgot I was tired. Luckily when I got home I got a little rest because then we went to Long Dock Park and I got to play with Ryder and his new playmate Dixie. Dixie is just a little puppy, but I can tell she is going to grow up to be a really cool big dog, one to be reccond with!

By the time I got home I was pooped!

I slept a good long time. ………Untill my Mom and Dad started to watch some football, then I wanted to play so I could get the attention. My mom is a big Peyton Manning fan, so now she is a Broncos fan. Hopefully for her they win tonight. She has to work tomorrow so she only watched untill half time. My dad is already happy because Detroit and Dallas already won.

Life Lesson: Go Detroit Lions!

1 thought on “Football Sunday!

  1. It was great seeing you again buddy. I had a good time, except my Dad likes to walk way in front of us and it gets me all anxious when I can’t keep up with him. You had a busy day, hope you slept well. See you soon……………………

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