A Day with Family

Today a whole bunch of family came over and we had a BBQ. It started with a lot of heat and humidity, then there was a lot of rain, the threat of tornadoes, some sun, then more rain, and finally a lot of wind and it all cooled off. So the weather didn’t cooperate. But we had so much FUN!

I was able to see family that I haven’t seen in a really long time. They are still the same size, but they look like they might have shrunken a bit to me. My dad and everyone else said that it was I who had just gotten bigger. I ran around a lot. I barked a lot. I had FUN!

…Then there was the food! All sorts of yummy stuff and all sortsd of good smells. I got a lot of steak and pork with my dog food. Wow! That stuff is good! I am tired but I am happy!

Life Lesson: Any day with family is a good day!


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