Random Musings

I’m not sure what to write about today so I’ll just ramble…

That’s my friend Ryder. We met earlier this summer. That picture was taken on a really hot day when we were just chillin’ at the Hudson river. Hopefully we’ll see each other again soon. Rumor has it his mom and dad got him one of those mail order brides or something like that. Actually I think it is a false rumor, but it sounds cool.


That is a flower grandma painted for the office. It has nothing to do with me. I just thought I’d show it off.

That is the comb I ate while mom and dad were away at work and I was bored. Dad went crawling around on the floor finding all of the teeth just to make sure I didn’t swallow any.  It was kinda’ fun.

Now that there is BEEF. I LIKE IT! I am hoping to get some fore Christmas. Is it too early to start making a list for Santa? I mean it is already September don’t the decorations and the sales start liek tomorrow or something?

Life Lesson: Sometimes you just can’t think of anything worthwhile to write and you should just go to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Random Musings

  1. BEEF! I am loving that photo.
    Totally envious of your big swimming hole where you can relax and cool your large self. Nothing like a good soaking on a hot day.


  2. Yes, you’re right Meatball. Not a mail order bride. I keep hearing Mom say we can not make any puppies. It’s o.k. though, because Dixie is fun to play with anyway. Sometimes when we run around I kind of trample her and she cries. Then I feel bad and run over to make sure she is o.k., and then she bites my face. Haha, I don’t even feel that with those little teeth. That beef sure does look good. Did you get any? Looks good just like it is, raw and in the wrapper!

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