The Back To Work Blues

 Well Labor day has come and passed. Now it is time for everyone to go back to work and for the kids to go back to school.

Here I am back at our Beacon office. I work security and I am also the official greeter and I do some side work in advertising, mostly cute mascot stuff.

I’ll be honest mostly my mom and dad work.  A lot of the time I stay home alone. If you think work is no fun try staying home alone day after day. Someone once said, “the only thing worse than work is No Work”. I think they are right, the only caveat is if you are really rich or retired and have a lot of hobbies, friends and chew toys.

 At work you get to meet people, talk, learn new things, and get attention. You sometimes go crazy but you don’t often get bored, (especially if you go to work and a bunch of girls play with you!)…..Oh and you get to get stuff done and feel valuable and usefull.

Life Lesson: Embrace work, make yourself valuable to others and remember, there is honor in any and every job, never deminish someone for the type of work they do.

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