Hartford, CT. ……………the perfect city!

 Here I am with my dad at Bushnell Park in dowtown Hatrford, Ct. in the middle of the day. It is liek their Central park. Isn’t it fabulous? No one in or way. No pesky mobs of people, no crowds, no lines, no waiting. My dad thinks it’s the perfect city. they have historical sites, they have all sorts of resturaunts, parks, a Civic Center, and a lot of things…but the place is empty! We went there today to get “Tr’es Leche” cake from a Brazillian chubascuria that is a …wait a minute how come everything is printing bold? and it won’t turn off? My fat paws must have hit some combination of keys and now everything is bold.ah crap!…..anyway a chubascuria is a type of Brazillian resturaunt, I can’r explain it here, go Google it!…now it’s back to normal…….? Anyway we wanted this really fantastic cake called Tres Leche cake. A good one is so absolutely incredibly fantastic so fantastic that even after you have eaten like a pig and are so full you are going to burst,,it is still fantastically incredibly wonderous. So we went to the best source for this cake, (the Brazillians do it best) BRAZA, a great Brazillian resturaunt……………………and they were closed on Mondays………………AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!………………..sigh.

 But we did meet a cool dude and his little dog.

This video doesn’t exist

So that was fun. Did you know Mark Twain had a house in Hartford? Yeah, the Sammuel Clemmens Mark Twain……..no relations to Shania Twain….I think. He probably had a house there so he could write in peace seeing as Hartford is probably quieter than the middle of the woods with know one around.

I know some of you are thinking that there probably are a lot of people in Hartford but that as soon as I walk to an area everyone runs for their lives and we can photograph the place empty sort of like Godzilla on the loose, however this is not the case.

If NYC is “the city that never sleeps”, Chicago is “the Windy City”, Las Vegas is “Sin City”, and Paris is “the City of Lights”, ….then Hartford needs a name. Can you help name it? My dad used to call it “the city that always sleeps”, or “the Empty city”…What do you suggest?

Life Lesson: One day you must eat at Brazza…aqnd get Tre’s Leche cake.

2 thoughts on “Hartford, CT. ……………the perfect city!

    • My daddy likes downtown Hartford because everyone seems to dessert it on the weekends. Then again they even close the Starbucks on Sunday afternoons so oyu can’t get a coffee. I think just the downtown Capitol area goes ghost town, the rest of the city is city as usual.

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