Blue Moon

SCAM! I am looking at the moon,………..not blue. It was a sort of yellowish before and then it became somewhat bright, but it still looks white to me. The night sky looked blue……..maybe I was miss-informed?

………..and by the way…..these are old “stock” photo’s. I didn’t have any new ones for tonight….sorry….deal with it.

I think my daddy was waiting for someone to deliver some Blue Moon” beer…….that didn’t happen either…………sigh, (for him).

Life Lesson: Sometimes the hype is a bit too over blown and sometimes we are just hoping for more than was promised.

Peace Out, – Meatball……….that saying just cracks me up, hahahaha

1 thought on “Blue Moon

  1. Yeah, I stayed up for that fake blue moon too and it was yellow like it had moon pee on it or something. And they say doggies are color blind.


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