The Lab Results Are In!

 Well I finally got my Lab test results. I went to the park with Mom and Dad on Sunday and they wanted me to participate in some Lab experiment. As if I was part of some Mad Scientist evil plans for some diabolical event. Or some bad animal testing. I hope this doesn’t upset my animal rights!

So I went and got tested by not just one but TWO Labs. I guess they wanted to be sure the results are acurate. I think all of this is a bit much because I have already been tested at my neighborhood Lab, “Russ” and he approves of me. I guess as with all scientific experiments more testing is always good. I must say it was fun too. Here are my results…………

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Life Lesson: Sometimes Lab testing can turn out fun.

Correct Me If I Am Wrong…….

 Correct me if I am wrong…but doesn’t appear that my dad is growing shorter….but wider?

I don’t mean to be Mean, but as we were having our father to son lie down talk the other day I noticed that he isn’t so big anymore.    ….”I think I can take him”, was my first thoght. NO! I told myself stop thinking that, we’re family and I love my dad……but just in case…NO!. Anyway I think I could protect him or my Mommy if I had to. Well I would protect my Momy, my dad…I think it is his job to protect me, so I would get behind him.   Don’t worry dad, “I got your back”.

So as the world around me shrinks, the counter tops, the table, the rest of the furniture, the bed, the front porch, the cars back seat, and my dad, I am left with this “Gulivers Travels” feeling. Am I on my way to “liliput”? Should I bottle and sell MGH ,( Mastiff Growth Hormones to professional athletes? Will we need a bigger car? House? Bed? Dog dish? Planet?   Soon it will be’ “Meet my little friend…he’s my dad”. But I will always treasure our lie down chats.

Life Lesson: No matter how big you get or think you are, always treasure time with your dad!


Sasquatch aka Big foot. Yup, that’s my foot super imposed on my dads foot. I think I am going to borrow his shoes soon! (and not just for chewing on).

 Thats my foot on my dads hand.

There it is again. of course he is showing off that he has thumbs! ….couldn’t they take the picture from the other side?

 All of these foot picutres! it’s like I have a foot fetish, …but it is actually a paw thing. I don’t have the photo but if you put my ankle inline with my dads my foot is as long as his.  Plus I have FOUR  of them! Four Wheel (paw) drive!

Life Lesson: If you have big feet you will also have big shoes to fill….it’s expected.