Blighty! You Mean Jolly Old England, eh what?

I  am learning all about my heritage. My people, ‘er dogs, come from England aka GREAT Britain…… there a not so great Britain? Like a just plain old regular Britain? I learned it is also called Old Blighty…and they talk funny. I wonder if the dogs bark funny over there? I wonder what a British accented bark sounds like?

The Romans used, uh, employed, my ancestors to guard their forts! That must have been a good job! Plus they probably got to eat Italian food all of the time YUM! They probably got to ride around in Ferrari chariots and in the side cars of the Roman Ducati’s, get to meet Sophia Loren’s ancestors dogs and listen to stories about “the old neighborhood”. Hey Wats amatta fo you!   …OK, now I want a canoli.

Oh, yeah, England…I’m an English mastiff, all bangers and mash eh guvnuh? Maybe my ancestors rode in Bently, Aston Martin, or Rolls Royce chariots? Maybe They had a Triumph with a side car?, and maybe they met some page six girls’ ancestors dog? Maybe they were the dogs of the manor?…I still want a canoli though.

So THATS where England is?

Life Lesson: You should know your heritage and be proud of it. Everywhere and everone has greatness to contribute to the rest of the world.

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