What’s In A Name?

 Hi, My name is Meatball! What is yours?…………….Why?

I am named Meatball because before my mom and dad got me, before they were even sure they were going to get a dog, just about when my dad was deciding if he had the time, energy, and desire to take care of a dog. He had a dream! Yeah, sort of like Dr. Martin Luther King….but my dads dream wasn’t so fancy, beautiful, fabulous, hmmm there are too many adjectives. Let’s just say my dads dream was a bit “plainer” and not quite as inspired. He had a dream that he was walking a sort of big but not yet full grown mastiff. In his dream he was in the parking lot of the 84 Diner right about by the light post with the big yellow cement base and he was walking someone like me, (maybe it was me?). then from out of nowhere, (in the dream) his dad came walking up and rubbed the mastiff on the head and said, “Hi Meatball, ….How are you doin’ Meatball?”  Wierd huh?

So I was named “Meatball”.

They, (mom and dad) tried to think of other names for me. More fun, more fitting, more  noble, more something names. But Meatball stuck. Some of the other names they thought of were. Fluffy, Tiny, Thunder, Flash uh-huhhhhh master of the universe, (too long), Ming the Merciless, Mostro Brutale, Aso, (Filipino for dog but sounds too much like asshol*…you get the picture…they might have named me that too), Barnes, (as in half of Barnes & Nobels and then get another dog and name him “Nobels…..dumb)), Bear, also Megatron, (also dumb0,  and I am sure there were a lot of others.

In the end they had to give me a formal name also, The breeder insisted and the AKC would require it. And so I also have my “real” name on my official documents. It is….(drumroll please)…..”Madigans The Great Barrington”! Maidigans the breeder is where all of my relatives come from and is where I am from. They are my heritage just as say, Prince William is from the Royal Family, the Windsors I believe, (if I was a real writer I would have to research that…but I think you get my drift).

So there that is my name and how it came to be. I am Meatball, the Madigans Great Barrington! From a long line of Great English Mastiffs! From a long line of fine breeding! From a Great Family! A name I am proud to wear. A family I am proud to honor. From a line I am proud to represent!

Life Lesson: Know who you are and where you come from. Family

4 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?

  1. Very cool, Meatball. I like your name, it’s food, so what’s not to like? My relatives have a bunch of names that are hard to pronounce. Like, Bijou Von Der Steilgasse, Fanto Von Haus Kalbach, Exe Vom Talka Marda, my Dad, Brix Vom Heiliger Huegel and Mom, Jerland’s Sierra Rose. Moms name is by far the easiest. Many are in Germany, maybe I can visit some day. My Grandad on my moms side is Joschy Von Den Hanfstucken. On Dads side, Quinten Vom Steinig Tal. Wow, what names! Ryder sounds so simple. Anyway, interesting to know about your heritage. Who is the dog licking your Dads face in the picture?

  2. That is my Daddy! My real Daddy. His name is Madigans Manteus of OZ …………And the Tan doggy in the foreground in my Mommy! My real Mommy! I Her name is Madigans Anny Oakley I really want to meet them again. !!!!!!!

    Wow, your family has really hard names, but
    they are super cool names!

  3. I am named after that Chris Kattan guy on Saturday Night Live because “everybody loves the Mango!” Unfortunately, the AKC wouldn’t let all those letters into my official name so it is “Lords Hill We all Love Mango” Close enough.


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