Yup, I turned 16 months yestrday. Light up the 16 Candles, get the cake out, lets Rock and Roll all night and party everyday! I am almost 1/2 way out of my puppy stage and becoming full grown! YAY!!!

Lets do some FAQ’s and the answers.

So, yes, I still am going to get bigger.

Yes, I still like to play with stuffed animals and No, they do not look like they end up enjoying the experieince.

I eat about 7 cups of dog food a day and it gets supplemented with about two cups of “other stuff”.

Yes, I drool a lot.

Yes, I am bigger than your child that you are showing me to …I am bigger than you too lady, so don’t act so smug aand condescending to your kid. They KNOW I am bigger than them and also bigger than you, They got eyes!

Yes, I shed…constantly in this hot weather.

Yes, I jump on the bed, sleep there during the day too!

No, I don’t go on the couch, (some training stuck).

Yes, I am walking him, he only thinks he is walking me.

….and I haven’t bitten anyone yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t bite. But do you really want to give me a reason to?

The top picture was me on the outside.

 This is me on the inside.

Life Lesson: What we are, what we see oursleves as, and what others see us are three different things.

10 thoughts on “SWEET 16

    • Thank you! May your food bowl always be full!,May your owner always love and play with you!, and may you be able tp pee and poop when you have to!

  1. does this mean you get your driver’s license too? or that you are ready to date??? if you ask Lola, I say naaahhhh.

  2. Oh yes, my little teenage friend, you will, indeed, continue to get bigger and fill out until you are a total grown up mastiff (but not until you are about 2 years old for sure).


    • Well, I give him at least 3.5 – 4 cups in the morning and the same for the evening. PLUS about a cup, (sometimes more) of meat such as chicken, or liver each time too. So that is a total of about 9 cups a day give or take.
      How much does Mango get?

  3. Congratulations Meatball on your 16 months. I will be 19 months on August 31. I too am a puppy inside, and now especially with a 3 month old pup initiating puppy behavior. She plays all the time and I am happy to play right along. 7 cups of kibble, wow. I have 1 cup of kibble with an egg or something else in the morning, 1 cup in the afternoon, and my Honest Kitchen food for dinner with a burger or chicken in it. Of course, there are lots of treats in between. We love our food, don’t we? Speaking of which, I just heard the cabinet door open……………………………….

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