Daddys Gonna’ Need A Bigger Car!

I am outdoors, so I am HappY!  A little drooly, a little thirsty, a little tired, and a whole lot of happy!

Dad and Mom took me to the park a few weeks ago so I could play with my friend Ryder, (I wonder if he is named for CC Ryder?), We had a great time.

….See, that is me and Ryder. We are a lot alike…..big tough goofballs who just like to play…..where was I ?

Oh yeah, I like going for rides, but dads car is shrinking, (…along with everything else in  my world). It is getting hard to stand up without crouching. Ooooohhhhh, “crouching doggy hidden waggin’. ……ok, that was stupid…………….. where was I again?, …Oh yeah, It is also getting hard for me to get my head out of the window and to manuver in the car.  Maybe he should get a bus?

Life Lesson: Guliver didn’t travel by car for a reason!

2 thoughts on “Daddys Gonna’ Need A Bigger Car!

  1. Hehehe. When Mango came home he was actually our third dog (our other two being an aging airedale and another mastiff). I had to buy a bigger car. I went with a Honda Element, took out the back seats and left it that way. Mango easily takes up the entire back area, but I do force him to squeeze in with Dexter’s crate when two dog transport is required. The only downside for Mango is that the rear windows don’t open enough for him to stick his head out.

    Mango Momma

  2. We had a good time Meatball. Hope to see you again real soon. So what else have you been up to? I have been trying to help train my little sister but Mom says I just play around a lot with her and am not much help at all. Haha, just trying to get someone on MY SIDE!!

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