Man Love!

This video doesn’t exist

OK! I’ll bet I got your attention!
Sorry for the long absence. I guess I was on sabatacle.

I just wanted everyone to know that I did NOT attack and actually eat my daddy. I know rumors were probably swirling around cyber space, but as you can see he is still with us.

Whose your daddy? He’s my daddy.  Grrruuuff!

Life Lesson: Let your daddy know that you love him.

1 thought on “Man Love!

  1. I love all the sounds that you make Meatball, sounds so masculine. I have a good bark and growl, but sometimes I have what they call the German Shepherd whine, it sounds so babyish, but I can’t help it. Oh, I think you might crush your Dad eventually if you keep getting bigger. Careful there buddy!!! See ya!

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