This video doesn’t exist

Sometimes guys just have to have it out. Play fighting is not just good fun it also lets you fight without “fighting”. Kinda’ like the WWE..or is it WWF? Maybe WTF? I dunno’ I’m a dog.

 I do enjoy attacking my dad. he plays rough…but not too rough. When he plays too rough I get scared and run for cover. But after we play rough we make up… fighting more.

This video doesn’t exist

Life Lesson: Boys will be boys…even if one is a dog.

2 thoughts on “FIGHT!

  1. Haha, so hysterical. I think your Dad was starting to feel a little overpowered and so he asked you to sit. My Mom gets angry when she is trying to put my collar and leash on, so she gets on top of me like I’m a horse or something, she grabs my scruff and then I sit, because well, I don’t want to make her mad, she can be a little scary. I needed eyedrops again this week, geez what’s going on with the eyes. Well, I wouldn’t let them put the drops in and started showing teeth. Mom got mad and muzzled me and then, well, you know what happened next. The drops went in and then I hid under the end table for a while. Rotten muzzle, who invented that crap anyway?

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