Extended Family

My dad wanted to show me pictures of my extended English family. My mom said’ “Yawn” I ran for my rawhide and my dad looked at these photos by himself.

Jaguar xk 120 ?


MG TCJaguar E-type (drop head coupe)

Jaguar E-Type (fixed head coupe)

Lotus Elan

He kept going on and on that they are all British, like my ancestors. He said he saw some at Hemmings Sports & Exotic auto show and some at Lime rock race track, blah, blah, blah, snore, snore. I don’t see how they are related. None of them have floppy ears, big teeth, a cold wet nose, no tail, no fur, no nuthin’!

I think my dad is nuts……………..but he feeds me so I guess that he is OK in my book. Be as nuts as you want as long as you feed me and are nice.

Life Lesson: Sometimes your relatives don’t look like you and sometimes they are nuts, but as long as they are nice they are perfect.

1 thought on “Extended Family

  1. Haha, that’s funny Meatball. My Mom hates it when my Dad wants to take her to a car show. She says she feels like she is lost in some parking lot of Yore. Doesn’t want to go anymore. I, however, would love to take a ride in his 1970 Plymouth Duster. I think I would look really cool in that car but Dad says I might put a hole in the seats. Oh well, will have to settle for my Moms Honda Pilot I guess.

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