Extended Family

My dad wanted to show me pictures of my extended English family. My mom said’ “Yawn” I ran for my rawhide and my dad looked at these photos by himself.

Jaguar xk 120 ?


MG TCJaguar E-type (drop head coupe)

Jaguar E-Type (fixed head coupe)

Lotus Elan

He kept going on and on that they are all British, like my ancestors. He said he saw some at Hemmings Sports & Exotic auto show and some at Lime rock race track, blah, blah, blah, snore, snore. I don’t see how they are related. None of them have floppy ears, big teeth, a cold wet nose, no tail, no fur, no nuthin’!

I think my dad is nuts……………..but he feeds me so I guess that he is OK in my book. Be as nuts as you want as long as you feed me and are nice.

Life Lesson: Sometimes your relatives don’t look like you and sometimes they are nuts, but as long as they are nice they are perfect.

One thought on “Extended Family

  1. Haha, that’s funny Meatball. My Mom hates it when my Dad wants to take her to a car show. She says she feels like she is lost in some parking lot of Yore. Doesn’t want to go anymore. I, however, would love to take a ride in his 1970 Plymouth Duster. I think I would look really cool in that car but Dad says I might put a hole in the seats. Oh well, will have to settle for my Moms Honda Pilot I guess.

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