Na Na Nah Na Na…..

 the table now is no longer an obstacle to keep something from me. Actually it hasn’t been for a long time. I can easily swipe anything from the table. I can also grab anything that is left near the edge of the counter tops, I don’t even have to jump up.           Nothing is safe!

…and I like yummy stuff! …even un yummy stuff! Just yesterday I grabed my moms comb off the bathroom counter and ate off all of the teeth/tines/ whatever you call those things. (Sorry no pictures yet). My dad had to go all around on the floorand on the bed to collect them all so he could make sure that I didn’t swallow any.

So now my universe has expanded. I don’t need no curiosity, I have my nose!

Life Lesson: Your horizons will expand as you grow…and as you grow your horizons will expand. Kinda’ philisophical for a dog, eh?…(oops I used my Canadian accent)

4 thoughts on “Na Na Nah Na Na…..

  1. Reminds me of the time my previous mastiff, Raja, ate half a cheese cake that was on the counter. Since she could reach it without any stretching or shoving, she was able to be very sneaky about it. “who, me? I’m just standing in the kitchen.”

    Mango Momma

  2. Yeay for him! Yumm cheesecake!
    My Neoppolitan ate 1/2 a chicken in about 5 seconds when I turned my back on him to put dishes in the sink. Bones and all. He just looked at me, licked his chops, and belched. Of course I was worried chicken bones and all…took him to the vet, wait and see…no isuues, he digested and passed it all.

  3. meatball, you should learn a thing or two about etiquette from your Tita Panda! She wouldn’t touch dishes for humans even if we put the whole plate on the floor. 😀

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