Dancing With Daddy

 Sorry I haven’t written in awhile…writers block. It is sort of like the Eastern Bloc, cell block, cinder block, or wooden block but with the hands, …’er paws.

So today me dad wanted to teach me to dance. It’s not like he knows how to, but he figured it is his job to try to teach me.

……We didn’t do so well…… It is hard for me to stay on just to feet for long and he can’t hold me up for too long either. I don’t know how he is going to carry me around like one of those little accessory poodles that some people have in their purse or “man bag”? (I have alweays wanted to be carried around like that especially when my feet get tired.) Maybe he will have to have an accessory wheelbarrow?

…..So we really didn’t learn to dance, but we did learn somethings. We learned my dad can’t carry me around. We learned I can’t stand up on my hind legs very long (I wonder how those dancing dogs do it)? We learned that neither of us will be on “Dancing with the Stars” even if they have a doggy version. We learned that I have four legs for a reason. We learned we aren’t too gracefull.  There are probably more lessons here but that is enough for me to contemplate for one evening.

“Dancing with the Dogs” a new TV show coming soon!

Life Lesson: Try learning something new, even if you don’t get it, you will learn something!

2 thoughts on “Dancing With Daddy

  1. Hey Meatball. You know what? That is actually a good exercise to stretch out your hindquarters. Don’t do it for too long but it is good to do it every now and then to keep in shape.


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